Swallows & Amazons 'Secret Water' Experience

We will be repeating these trips in 2020.

An opportunity to sail in the Walton Backwaters and experience the creeks, mud and wildlife of this secret place.  Pupils will have a go a sailing together in one of our two Drascombe day sailing boats, steering the boat and controlling the sails whilst getting to see the seals and other wildlife. Pupils need to wear clothes suitable for the outdoors and shoes that may get a little muddy (no sandals).  They should bring a coat as it can get cold on the water and there can be a little bit of spray.


  • 13:00 Arrive at Birch Hall
  • 13:15 Trip by Land Rover and trailer to landing stage
  • 13:30 On water
  • 15:30 Return to shore
  • 13:45 Back at farm
  • 16:00 Depart

We are running a series of Birch Hall adventures for schools in the local area. For more details  about these exciting opportunities please contact hello@mybluepass.org.uk 


Wix and Mistley May 21

Wix Mistley & Bradfield June 11

Clear skies and a gentle breeze . They loved steering and watching the seals. Approval Rating of the 18 crew in the two boats was 

9.2 out of 10.

Lawford Primary School

Yes no disguising it was wet and it was raining but we had a lot of fun seeking out the seal colonies and sailing Mr Phillips Boats