Here's What They SAY

The Parents

Rachael, thank you for giving our children the best introduction to sailing last weekend. You were brilliant!

They both said it was brilliant and was great fun. As a parent I thought the whole session was perfectly tailored to beginners and was very professional. 

I think it was a unique experience which was confidence building and showed she is capable of learning new skills independently. Thanks to all those involved in facilitating such a great local opportunity. 


My children have had an amazing summer with MBP. They have tried things out they would never would in particular expeditions on the barge and over to France and now keen to pursue their new thirst for sailing. 

He has come back a more confident boy. I would say he has come home being a young man. He has learnt so many new life skills that  will most definitely help him pursue his dreams of  a career on the water. This would not have happened without  MBP

The barge trip has given her a new found confidence in herself and for her that's a big change.  

She gained massively in confidence this session. She successfully sailed the dinghy pretty much single handedly  

She loved the ability to try a new sport and the opportunity to get out onto the water which she would otherwise have not been able to do.  

They had an amazing time on the smack boat. The crew were really friendly and made the experience fun and enjoyable. The children were able to come out of their comfort zone and try something new. It was great for their confidence and self esteem. They enjoyed it so much.  

 He really enjoyed the whole experience of being out on the water on a kayak and would love to pursue this sport. 

Its given her a sense that even when she doubts her capabilities others still encourage her to push on and it has given her a great sense of pride that she has been part of a team that has sailed the channel and back.  

She had the most wonderful time on the barge, she came home full of confidence that her and the other children had taken charge of the sails. My Blue Pass is doing her confidence the world of good this summer... so grateful. 

She would never normally get the opportunity to try dinghy sailing. So this really was a fantastic opportunity for her, which she thoroughly enjoyed.    

She loved seeing the seals sliding off the mud bank and into the water. Sailing was great fun as well, we had a few waves making us wet. Great fun.


It gave her confidence, fun, overcoming fear and anxiety 



 Before I went on this trip, I was unsure how I would cope all week on a boat and how I would get on with the crew. However I enjoyed it all so much. The whole experience was amazing. It was great to be part of a team, life onboard the boat was brilliant and I really took to being out at sea. My favourite part was being chosen to skipper the boat I wasn't sure if I could do it but it turned out to be so much fun. I've learnt so much from this trip, including how to sail; names of parts of the boat; what I'm capable of and being without my phone for a week! Thank you so much to everyone at My Blue Pass and Offshore Adventures for making this fantastic opportunity happen for me. It was the best week ever. 

I see the real power and deep benefit of this innovative and aspirational project. I believe wholeheartedly that opportunities like this will help to broaden horizons and improve lives; developing life-long learning and cultivating a new passion. James Newell Head teacher Wix and Wrabness 


We believe it is an ambitious but highly worthwhile project, potentially providing access to water activities to many that would not have it, with all the educational benefits and life skills that will entail.

-- Mistley Maltings Trust (Funder)


 I am truly inspired by your journey and the opportunities you are giving to young people in Tendring, the life experiences and skills they are obtaining are invaluable.   Active Essex